Our ICPS pin, an all silver likeness of the

symbol of humanbecoming, was designed to signify committment to values and beliefs about humanuniverse and health that underpin the Humanbecoming Paradigm.

Simple Things: Writings of Humanbecoming

A collection of poems written by Sandra Schmidt Bunkers depicting humanbecoming.  The author creatively connects all-at-once her experiences with the ocean and humanbecoming. Each core concept of humanbecoming is described through poetry and painting.  Paula Denevan, illustrates her mother's word with these original paintings. Simple Things is an exposure to the artistic in humanbecoming and an ideal companion piece to a nursing theory text.

The Humanbecoming Paradigm: A Transformational Wordview

In this book (her 10th), Rosemarie Rizzo Parse sets forth a different perspective to engage nurses and members of various disciples who are concerned with human dignity and living quality. She offers this work as an ongoing quest in defining unique humanbecoming knowledge for the betterment of humankind.