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The Institute of Humanbecoming 2025

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Zoom Teleconferences with Dr. Parse

ICPS chapters (or members) facilitate three to four Zoom teleconferences with Dr. Parse each year. Those in good standing with ICPS are invited to these teleconferences.  These discussions have been interesting, enlightening, and a wonderful way to stay connected with ICPS members. Recent and future topics include more humanbecoming principles and paradoxes, living the art of humanbecoming, and the humanbecoming models. See topics and responsible parties listed in the box to the right.  As future dates and topics are solidified, ICPS members will be emailed a Save-The-Date reminder, a Zoom link, and questions and readings to prepare for the discussion. ------------------------>


The 21st ICPS International Biennial Conference on Humanbecoming:
llluminating Humanbecoming: Beyond the Horizon
Date: November 1-2, 2025
Place: Virtual conference on Zoom
  • All areas of the humanbecoming paradigm will be explored in terms of the latest in humanuniverse, paradox, living quality, and the humanbecoming models.

  • The ICPS Biennial General Membership Meeting will be held Sunday am.

  • This activity is being submitted for contact hours to the California Board of Registered Nursing, Provider Number 14733, California Baptist University College of Nursing.

  • Questions? Contact the conference task force via Mary Morrow at  

  • Watch for more information coming by Fall 2024 and Spring 2025.     

  • Task force: Karen Carroll, Teresa Hamilton, Nan Yancey & Mary Morrow



                                     ICPS Chapter Teleconference Assignments

Sept/Oct 2024:Great Plains

---Transforming & Paradox: Familiar-Unfamiliar

Jan/Feb 2025:California

---Living the Art: What is living the art of humanbecoming? When are we living the art?

April/May 2025:Chicago

---The Humanbecoming Family Model

Sept/Oct 2025:New York

---The Humanbecoming Mentoring Model

Jan/Feb 2026: Europe

---The Humanbecoming Teaching-Learning Model

April/May 2026: Great Plains

---The Humanbecoming Leading-Following Model

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