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A Nursing Position on Global Healthcare: Our Commitment to Humankind


  • individuals make choices that express personal meaning and value priorities;

  • there is compelling evidence to ensure that the perspective of persons, families, and communities is a driving force in decision-making;

  • individuals consistently indicate that they want nurses to listen to, act on, and respect their wishes, concerns, and priorities for living quality;

  • living quality unfolds uniquely with each individual and community;

  • the humanbecoming paradigm provides guidance for nurses and other health professionals involved in research, practice, education, and administration;

  • sciencing and living the art of humanbecoming aims to enhance understanding of universal living experiences;

  • the humanbecomiung paradigm is the only nursing theoretical perspective that focuses exclusively on honoring personal views of living quality for the individual and community;

Be it resolved that

  • we the undersigned will promote the humanbecoming paradigm with sciencing and living the art of humanbecoming in diverse communities around the world.

The 2014 Executive Board of the International Consortium of Parse Scholars

President: Karen Carroll, RN; PhD

Past-President: Sandra Bunkers, RN; PhD 

President-Elect:  Steven Baumann, RN: PhD

Co Secretary/Treasurer: Patricia S. Lyon, RN; MSc
Co Secretary/Treasurer: Debra A. Bournes, RN; PhD

Editor Illuminations: Nan Russell Yancey, RN; PhD


Members of the International Consortium of Parse Scholars

Adapted from: International Consortium of Parse Scholars. (1999). A nursing position on global healthcare: Our commitment to humankind. Nursing Science Quarterly, 12, 347. In September 2014, the International Consortium of Parse Scholars voted to publish an updated resolution

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