The International Consortium of Parse Scholars (ICPS) is a network of nurses committed to the advancement of nursing as a unique discipline concerned with human dignity and living quality. The purpose of the ICPS is to contribute to the living quality of humankind through sciencing and living the art of humanbecoming.

  1. To provide a forum for nurses and other health professionals committed to sciencing and living the art of humanbecoming.

  2. To provide various venues for learning and discussing the humanbecoming paradigm with research, practice, education, and administration.

  3. To advance nursing science from the humanbecoming paradigm through presentations and publications.

  • Biennial weekend seminars: An opportunity to network, relax, and learn about the humanbecoming paradigm.

  • Illuminations is our bi-annual newsletter: An opportunity to keep up to date with happenings around the world in relation to Parse's humanbecoming paradigm regarding sciencing and living the art.

  • An opportunity to participate in wonderful projects as yet to be created.

Founding members
  • William K. Cody, RN; PhD; Charlotte, NC USA

  • Christine Jonas-Simpson, RN; PhD; Toronto, Ontario Canada

  • Patricia S. Lyon, RN; MSc; Toronto, Ontario Canada

  • Gail J. Mitchell, RN; PhD; Toronto, Ontario Canada

  • Rosemarie Rizzo Parse, RN; PhD; FAAN; Pittsburgh, PA USA

  • F. Beryl Pilkington, RN; PhD; Toronto, Ontario Canada